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Company Profile

Our company was established in 2021 and is located in Shantou High-tech Zone, Guangdong, China,and only 3 kilometers from Chenghai, the world's largest toy production city in China. I have been engaged in business management for more than 20 years and worked as a senior executive in multinational companies with experience in managing overseas companies; I used to provide management consulting services for Fortune 500 companies and large foundations after starting my own business. I have worked in a variety of industries, including engineering, retail, electronic technology, bio-pharmaceutical and aviation ground handling. I have been a strategic advisor to the largest toy manufacturing base in China for many years, which let to a deep understanding of toy products and professional experience in quality and safety control. Our company strictly controls the quality of manufacturing factories according to ISO system standards and requires production workshops to implement 5S management. We also requires factories to take social responsibility to ensure a safe working environment and protect the welfare of employees.

Our Strength

We currently has over 500 SKU's of toy products, according to the material can be divided into metal toys, plastic toys, wood and bamboo toys, cloth and plush toys, paper toys, etc., according to the play method is divided into puzzle, blocks, tools, cartoons, educational, game toys category, covering a multi-age infants and adults. We provided safe, fun and entertaining toy products to over 5 million families around the world last year .

Industrial Experience

Have been engaged in business management for more than 20 years.

Toy Products

We currently has over 500 SKU's of toy products.

Annual Consumers

Provided toy products to over 5 million families last year .

Company Culture

Company Mission

Our mission is to share a better life through Internet technology.

Company Vision

The vision is to build a global ecosystem of goods supply.

Company Value

We follow the values of openness, equality, execution and trust.

Wooden Dinosaur Alphabet and Number 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Set for Kids (3)

Why Choose Us

We are a customer focused business and we center our approach on your specific needs. We offer you:
◆ Highest quality from raw materials to final products in compliance with strict certifications.
◆ Safety and efficiency throughout the entire process.
◆ Just-in-time delivery around the globe.
◆ Global customer service.